Speaking Truth to Power in Pune

On the 14th August I shall talk about the institution of human rights defenders at the Indian Law Society Law College.

The Indian Law Society was established in 1923 as a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Societies Registration Act. The Indian Law Society established the Law College in 1924, which has since then established itself as a premier institute for legal studies in India. In 2004, the ILS Law College was accredited the A+ level by NAAC. Set amidst a sprawling green campus in the heart of Pune, it offers students a holistic environment that encourages exposure to social, cultural, and physical activities that complement the top-of-the-class legal education imparted by the college.


captainjohann said...

I am from bangalore and my only daughter is schizophrenic. I like to know from you the following
1.What do you mean by survivor of psychiatry?
2User of psychiatry?
3.What do you mean by psychosocial disability in Indian context?

Gábor Gombos said...

1. Unfortunately systemic human rights violations are wide spread in the mental health care sector. Many who have been at the receiving end of the often coercive services are of the opinion that one needs to survive this system of abuses, hence the self-identified term "survivors of psychiatry".
2. Users of psychiatry are people at the receiving end of psychiatric services who find that despite the human rights breaches psychiatry has offered some help for them.
3. Psychosocial disabiltiy is a term used by the global organisation of people who have been at the receiving end of psychiatric services to emphasise that disability comes from the barriers in society that people with mental distress face. Disabling factors include social exclusion, stigma, discrimination, force.