Flying to Chennai

Today I am flying to Chennai where I shall participate in a moderated panel discussion on Marriage, Mental Illness and the Indian Law. The discussion will be part of the Indian Psychiatric Society's Continuos Medical Education programme. The session will be moderated by Amita Dhanda, beside me a care giver from Delhi (who also attended Bapu's National Care Givers' Training) and a psychiatrist will be on the panel.

Chennai (Tamil: சென்னை formerly known as Madras (help·info), is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai had a population of 4.2 million in the 2001 census within its municipal corporation.[2] The urban agglomeration of Chennai has an estimated population of 7.5 million,[citation needed] making it the fourth largest agglomeration in India.
The city was established in the 17th century by the British, who developed it into a major urban centre and naval base. By the 20th century, it had become an important administrative centre, as the capital of the Madras Presidency.
Chennai's economy has a broad industrial base in the automobile, technology, hardware manufacturing, and healthcare industries. The city is home to much of India's automobile industry and is the country's second-largest exporter of Software, information technology (IT) and information-technology-enabled services (ITES), behind Bangalore.[3][4] [5] [6] Chennai Zone contributes 39 per cent of the State’s GDP. Chennai accounts for 60 per cent of the country’s automotive exports and is sometimes referred to as Detroit of India.[7][8][9]
The city is served by an international airport and two major ports; it is connected to the rest of the country by five national highways and two railway terminals. Thirty-five countries have consulates in Chennai. [10]
Chennai hosts a large cultural event, the annual Madras Music Season, which includes performances by hundreds of artists. The city has a vibrant theatre scene and is an important centre for the Bharatanatyam, a classical dance form. The Tamil film industry, known as Kollywood, is based in the city; the soundtracks of the movies dominate its music scene. Chennai is known for its sport venues and hosts an Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) event, the Chennai Open. The city faces problems of water shortages, traffic congestion and air pollution. The state and local governments have undertaken initiatives such as the Veeranam project, Rainwater harvesting and the construction of mini-flyovers to address some of these problems. (After Wikipedia)

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