Recovering from Crisis - Visit to Shaniwarwada

I spent three days out of office, recovering from my crisis. Unfortunately I had to cancel my planned programme in Calcutta, where I was to participate in a meeting on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. I am regretful and hope that I shall be able to spend time with colleagues in Calcutta later.

Tuesday evening I went to Shaniwarda in the hope to see its Light and Sound Show. The website I used said that the show is on every night. This was not the case as it turned out that the only day when there is no show is Tuesday!

Shaniwarwada (Marathi: शनिवारवाडा) is a palace fort in the city of Pune in western Maharashtra, India. It covers six and a quarter acres in central Pune. It was constructed in 1732 as the seat of the Peshwa (prime ministers of the Maratha Empire), and remained the political capital of the Empire until its annihilation. The fort itself was largely destroyed in 1828 by an unexplained fire, but has the surviving structures are now maintained as a tourist and archaeological site.

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