Last hours in Hyderabad

Wednesday night I had the privilege to enjoy the Light and Sound Show in Golkunda. It is a fortress and ruined city (see picture) lying 5 miles (8 km) west of Hyderabad in north-central Andhra Pradesh state, southern India. From 1512 to 1687 it was the capital of the Qutb Shahi kingdom, one of five Muslim sultanates of the Deccan. The show nicely features the history of the city and area through light, music and narration.

Today is the last day until late July in Hyderabad. After lunching with the head of the Central University of Hyderabad's Philosophy Department where I shall be lecturing on my return to the city, I shall depart to my next destination, Pune.

The days I spent in Hyderabad are unforgettable and they were also quite productive. With Prof. Dhanda we finished three draft papers: one on the rights of the child, another one which is a draft for a larger piece on what legal advocacy (shall) mean and we elaborated on the draft Supreme Court intervention on unmodified ECT.

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