First day in Hyderabad

The first day was mostly about resting after the travel exhaustion and anxiety. As amusement we visited the famous NTR Park, of which the following should be known: "One of the most recent and glamorous attractions of Hyderabad is the NTR garden which is located at Hussainsager lake. It is a memorial to the late N T Rama Rao, one of the most charismatic Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The sprawling NTR Gardens, set up in an area of 36 acres, offer a serene atmosphere and yet provide recreation facilities such as a Machan tree, Japanese Garden, Car Cafe, Souvenir shops, Fruit Restaurant and Children's Playing area and lot of more. A monorail system takes the visitors around the garden."

On the work fron today with Prof. Dhanda we shall work on a comparative analysis of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and of the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. Our hypothesis is that CRC is mostly centered around the "best interest of the child" and while the evolving capacities of the child are given recognition, the latter is outweighed by the "best interest" argument. On the other handin CRPD the evolving capacities and children's right to access support to exercise his/her evolving capacities has been made much stronger. We expect that with proper advocacy CRPD can also be used to reinterpret CRC.

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