International Child Rights Consultation in Hyderabad

On the 25 and 26 July I will be participating in an international consultation on the rights of the child. The seminar is organised by Amita Dhanda. Here follows an excrept from her email to the participants to highlight the need for such a meeting.

This consultation has been prompted by the need to promote a holistic understanding of child rights. We found that persons engaged with child rights rarely dialogued across various child rights issues instead discourse and specializations were limited to specific issues and areas. We thought it was possible to promote a holistic understanding if people working in distinct areas of child rights were to dialogue with each other. In order to underscore this need for connection we begin with a Conceptual Session which addresses the Paradoxes of Child Rights. In the next session which is organized around the theme of Capability Development and Deprivation we have taken up the issues of education, child labour and child trafficking. We next address the theme of discrimination where we look at issues of female infanticide; nutritional discrimination and disability exclusion. The last theme revolves around the interventions geared towards vulnerable children and here we look at lost and abandoned children; children given for inter-country adoption and children in conflict with the law.
As an active effort at integration we would be requesting you to not just be the speakers of your session but also be discussants and facilitators of other sessions. The consultation thus is prompted by the need to make the linkages between various areas of child rights and consequently acquire a rounded understanding of the field.
Coupled with the problem of issue specialization is the difficulty of sectoral perspective which contributes to a fractured understanding of child rights. There is often a chasm between the governmental and nongovernmental between the academic and activists perspective towards child rights. In order to aid understanding, as only with such understanding can any kind of consensus be reached, we have tried to provide representation to varied perspectives at this consultation. Excep tfor students from NALSAR, we have not invited children themselves at this consultation. Such an effort could be made on the strength of the understandings reached at this Consultation.

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